Building a national critical infrastructure 

After completion, Rhein-tec plans to build and operate 18 important nodes for critical communication infrastructure of the ministry of communication and the ministry of defence. The use of 22 armoured data shelters is intended to prevent downtime or takeover in the case of terrorist attacks.


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Planning and construction of a space control centre

Rhein-tec gmbh is sponsoring, planning, building and operating the new space control centre in lucerne for the swiss space centre's Igluna 2020/21 project. The control centre will be installed in the Swiss Museum of Transport. The Control Centre is open to the public.
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Test platform for ocean technology

The Ocean technology Engineering Company ABYSS B.V. plans to build and operate a test platform for ocean engineering, which will enable the company to permanently test its own technologies and technologies of other companies in depths of up to 5000 meters.
The platform will be permanently installed in Greece above the Calypso Deep.
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Construction of a moon base and control centre

This interdisciplinary Asclepios project brings together students and scientists from all over the world to simulate and prepare scientists and engineers for future space missions to the moon or Mars. Rhein-Tec Gmbh supports the research project by planning and building the moon base and the control centre.
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