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The Rhein-Tec | CSD - Location management takes over the holistic, lasting and life cycle-oriented management of real estates, in particular the administration, of real estates for the Rhein-Tec holding as well as our customers for the purpose of a long-term optimal use of the real estates of own and rented over the entire life cycle.
Our services include project development, project management for planning and execution and facility management for real estate and building management. This also includes construction management, for example with corporate real estate management and construction management.

The task of Rhein-Tec CSD includes the commercial, technical and infrastructural management of real estate, such as facility management. The field of activity thus extends from renting and accounting to maintenance and repairs and the organization of other services such as security and cleaning.
Our efficient Location management team analyzes customer needs, can demonstrate extensive knowledge of the real estate market and has the ability to understand the complexity of real estate management and to network all components conceptually. 


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