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The central office for companies, partners and start-up
Rhein-Tec Holding, centralized for companies where it is engaged the administrative services
This enables uniform and economical operation, so that the company can concentrate on its core tasks.
The Central Service division is responsible for project management and project support, operates a central data center, takes care of office planning and also looks after a central vehicle fleet, e.g. the centralization enables an even and sustainable use of all resources
services for partners of rhein-tec
All central services are also available to partners of rhein-tec holding, so that on the one hand, an even more effective use of resources is possible and on the other hand, especially in close partnerships, this has the advantage that, for example, the use of an it system allows a uniform view of a project
services for start ups
Especially in the start-up phase, administrative processes such as setting up a business model or marketing as well as it resources are strongly underestimated.
for this reason, Rhein-tec offers the services of the central service division to startups, in order to ensure a safe take-off and to allow founders to concentrate on their core competencies


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